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18 April 2024
Brussels, Belgium
European Consumer Summit 2024

European Consumer Summit 2024: Shaping the future together

Morning plenary sessions:

Afternoon plenary sessions:

The European Consumer Summit will take place on 18 April 2024 in Brussels and will bring together stakeholders from all EU Member States, including policymakers, national consumer enforcement authorities, academia, and representatives of civil society, such as consumer, business and youth organisations, at both EU and national level. The aim is, based on the achievements and lessons learned from the current Consumer Agenda, to discuss and provide input to Shaping the Future Consumer Policy Priorities and Actions (beyond this Consumer Agenda).

The annual high-level policy event will be hosted by the European Commission in collaboration with Belgian Presidency of the EU Council. The Summit will consist of several plenary sessions with participation of the Commissioner and the Belgian Secretary of State for Consumer Protection, other high-level speakers, there will be breakout sessions for discussions on different topics as well.

Brussels, Belgium
Belgium 322
Spain 18
Germany 17
Austria 15
Poland 15
Netherlands 13
Portugal 13
France 11
Italy 10
Sweden 10
Greece 9
Norway 9
Slovakia 9
Ireland 8
Lithuania 8
Malta 8
Denmark 7
Slovenia 7
Cyprus 6
Latvia 6
Czech Republic 6
Bulgaria 6
Romania 6
Finland 5
Luxembourg 5
Estonia 4
United Kingdom 4
Hungary 4
Switzerland 3
Croatia 3
Liechtenstein 1
Viet Nam 1
United States 1
Total 570
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Before event 800
After event 35
Total 835